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The Most Poweful Force
What force is this that heavens bow,
That breaks or strengthens the strongest vow,
And demons quiver and phantoms shiver,
At the sound of it’s sacred trumpets.
What force is this that darkness dissipates,
That all humans strive for and anticipate,
And the sky shakes and the earth quakes
Before it’s miraculous drums.
What force is this that freezes time,
That causes space and spirit to combine,
And thunder crashes and forests turn to ashes
At the pulsation of its guitar.
And so I ask what force is this,
That is so powerful and causes bliss,
As pure as a diamond shining dove,
I marvel at this force called love.
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Dark Flames- Chapter 15
Chapter 15- Back in Black
Jinzo was a most terrible and powerful android. He was coated with a strong almost golden metal with a sort of dark green jacket. The steel cuffs he wore over his wrists helped him focus his psychic electric energy. And his face was a most grotesque mechanical plate with shining red eyes and his synthetic brain was clearly visible. He rose above the crowd of robots like the strong military leader that he was. The Go-Rock Quads quivered with fear but strangely, they had the courage to stand up to their oppressor. “So you think you can just blast us away, hunh?” Billy questioned “You think you can keep on ruling this city with fear and your mechanical cronies? Well, I’m not gonna stand for it! It’s time for a cool change!” Billy continued. “That’s right!” Billy’s three siblings agreed. “Wahaha! Do you think you’re puny music can stand up to my ultimate control?! I rule this city in the name of the great
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Christmas Past
I gaze out my window, into the snow
Phantoms surround me and visions show
Of Christmas present and past
This year and the one of last
Long ago it seems, a blizzard of rage
Drawn on throughout the age
A drop of blood falls on the ice
Someone had to pay the price
I see an ancient power
I see a memorial flower
A being of rock, a being of steel
All brought out on the screen of one film reel
The gemstone that opened the gateway
To a world of knowledge, tactics, and the freeway
Of minds and hearts and souls
And the expressions of wise men and fools
The music was and is alive
With its parade march and catchy jive
Around the world a hero plays
And a cool change to all our days
The war is over, the battles won
The enemy defeated, time for fun
And in a mental memory blast
I combine present with Christmas Past.
:iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 0
Demon Darkai and Uxie by Zapto369 Demon Darkai and Uxie :iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 2 Dialga and Palkia by Zapto369 Dialga and Palkia :iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 0
Dark Flames- Chapter 14
Chapter 14- Infiltrate and Conquer
Light streamed in as the trapdoor concealing the hideout was opened. Everybody walked out with Mokuba in the rear. “No, Mokuba, it’s not safe out there, you stay here and monitor headquarters.” Kaiba said. “But big brother…” Mokuba protested. “No arguing! Just stay here.” “Ok.” Zapto, Blackfire, Starfire, Robin, Sabrina, Kaiba, Garret, Billy, Clyde, and Tiffany headed to the top of the mountain that overlooked the hideout. When they reached the top, Billy had to say to the newcomers, “Well this is it: The city of Bethra’am, the capital of our world.” They gazed upon the majestic walled city that lay before them. It almost looked like an ancient Turkish city, but with an obvious modern flare. “It feels nice to be home.” Zapto said. “Only this time, we have to fight for it.” Clyde replied. “Then let’s roll!” Robin said. “OK, so let’s review the
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Red Eyes Black Dragon by Zapto369 Red Eyes Black Dragon :iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 0
Dark Flames- Chapter 13
Chapter 13- The Resistance Revealed
Around the large table was seated all the members of the resistance, including its newest members. Zapto, Blackfire, Starfire, Robin, Kaiba, Mokuba, Garret, Billy, Clyde, Tiffany, and Sabrina were all there. “I think its time to explain exactly how we all fit into the story of Zapto’s planet and what happed after Vaati took over.” Kaiba said. “I was third in command after Zapto and his advisor and I had control over the military forces. After the advisor… may I say his name Zapto?” “Yes. His name means nothing now.” Zapto replied. “Thank you. Espa Roba. That was his name. What exactly happened to him, none of us know. Some say he was killed. Some say that he abandoned us when Vaati tried to invade. Some even say he betrayed us and tried to help Vaati. But at any rate, his chief servant, Jinzo attacked the palace. Espa Roba was nowhere to be found. Jinzo had amazing power, but Espa always had a strong autho
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Sage- Circle of Spikes by Zapto369 Sage- Circle of Spikes :iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 0
Dark Flames- Chapter 12
Chapter 12- The Headquarters of the Resistance
Kaiba shut the trapdoor behind them as Robin, Starfire, Zapto, and Blackfire entered the secret underground base. Inside was a hallway lit by electricity. At the end of the hallway was a door which seemed to have music coming from it. Kaiba went in front of the rest of them and led the way down the hallway near the door. “After Vaati took over, he placed Jinzo in control of the armed forces. He basically runs the city in Vaati’s place.” Kaiba explained. “After he took over, those who were closest to you, Zapto were signaled out to be eliminated. Eventually we knew Jinzo and Vaati had to be stopped so myself and a few others formed a resistance group to oppose the evil. I am the leader of the group and the rest of its members are inside this door. Step through after me.” And after he said this, Kaiba opened the door and the group stepped inside. The room was fairly large with only a few chairs around a central table
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Dark Flames- Chapter 11
Chapter 11- Crash Landing
“Shields at full power!” Robin shouted. Suddenly a loud bang sounded and the ship rocked. “95 percent!” He shouted again. “Are the shields going to hold out?” Blackfire asked. “I hope so, Blackfire. I hope so.” Zapto replied. As the words were leaving his lips, there was another volley of blaster fire and the ship rocked again. “86 percent!” “We need a new plan or we will surely be vanquished!” Starfire shouted. “I’m thinking! Let’s see… Robin, what are the odds of us escaping their blockade?” Zapto asked. “Not good. They have us completely surrounded.” Robin replied. The ship rocked again and Zapto got a bit of inspiration. “Well we’ll try anyways! Give me the movement controls.” Zapto took the wheel and tried a maneuver that would surely kill them all. He swerved in between two enemy ships in a desperate attempt to break free. All the while, the shie
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Dark Flames- Chapter 10
Chapter 10- Attack Upon Entry
Zapto set the coordinates and put the ship onto autopilot until they were within good range of Zapto’s home planet. Until then he stayed in his quarters and Robin and Starfire stayed in theirs respectively. There was a knock on Zapto’s door and Blackfire stepped in. “Something’s troubling you, Zapto. What’s wrong?” She asked Zapto. “I’m just a little worried about our mission. Vaati is a powerful force and what he did was unforgivable.” Zapto replied. “Remember what Antonio said? You have all of us helping you. Bad guys never get away with things for long. We’ll rescue your siblings and restore your planet.” “Yea, I know.” He paused for a minute. “I never told you how he took over my planet. I had a most trusted advisor. He was the best of his trade and second in command to me. One day he disappeared. A few days later, his most trusted servant, an android name Jinzo, started attacki
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Dark Flames- Chapter 9
Chapter 9- The Legend Explained
At the predetermined time, they all met in the Grand Dining Hall to discuss what had recently happened. Seated at the table was Zapto, Thrawm, Blackfire, Starfire, Robin, Galforg, and the short judge guy. Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were not present because during that day, the Titans conversed among themselves and decided that a few of the Titans needed to return to Earth to protect it from the various evils and villains that plague their city. At the feast that was prepared for them, Thrawm and Zapto filled Galforg in on what had happened to him. But there was still one unanswered. Actually, there were two unanswered questions. “So tell us Zapto, who is Vaati and why did he come to our planet?” Thramn asked Zapto. “The story of Vaati is a long one. I shall explain his story as well as mine.” And so Zapto began his tale. “A long time ago, there was a great king and a great queen. Together they held control of four planets and t
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Mr. Myers
This parody is a bit different than all the others. Instead of honoring a series or fictional character, I’m greatly honoring my favorite teacher ever. Who is he? I’ll let this song explain. Based on the song “Mr. Roboto” by Styx, here is “Mr. Myers”!
Domo algebrato uno honorso
Mr. Myers ba di!
Your wondering who he is. (Mr. Myers, he’s Mr. Myers!)
He’s got a wife and kids. (Mr. Myers, he’s Mr. Myers!)
Won’t give us a pop quiz. (Mr. Myers, he’s Mr. Myers!)
He is a mathematical wiz!
He’s got a job and yes he loves it, he’s a teacher!
He teaches algebra, with some stories, he’s a bit a preacher.
So if you see him teaching greatly, don’t be surprised.
He’s just a man whose experiences make him so wise.
They make him so wise. He’s so very wise. They make him so wise.
He’s not boring, without making puns. He likes to have fun.
He’s come to teach you his algebra so you can be number one.
:iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 2
Dark Flames- Chapter 8
Chapter 8- A New Evil
“Stop!” Thrawm yelled and the knife that the guard dropped to release the guillotine stopped in midair, suspended by a blue force. Thrawm psychically tossed the knife harmlessly aside and continued, “Free him! Blackfire is innocent!” The guards immediately freed Zapto and as he rose to his feet Blackfire ran and embraced him. “Congratulations Zapto. You were willing to relinquish your life to save Blackfire’s. That proves your faith in her change. By my decree, Blackfire will be freed and dropped of all charges. You however,” He turned to Galforg as he said this. “Are not who you claim to be. I had my suspicions, but this proves it.” “What do you mean?” Blackfire asked Thrawm. “I’ll tell you. Galforg is not Galforg. He is an imposter!” Thrawm responded. Galforg’s expression suddenly changed. “Hahaha! You’re just figuring out this now fools? No I’m not Galforg. Perhaps it
:iconzapto369:Zapto369 0 0
Dark Flames- Chapter 7
Chapter 7- Dawn of the Final Day
Again the sun was rising and Zapto arose from his room and headed to the lobby of the place where he was staying. This was to be his final day on Tamaran so he had no need to stay another night. As he turned in his room key and started out the door, five familiar friends approached him. “Good luck today, Zapto.” Robin said to him. “Thanks man. I know most of this has been my fault, but can you stick with me for a few more hours? If I hadn’t brought Blackfire to Earth… but I guess it was meant to be. After it’s all over, I will explain everything.” Zapto said to Robin. “I’ll hold you to it. We’ll be right there with you where ever the trial is held.” “Thanks, all of you. Now let’s do this!” And Zapto and the Teen Titans headed over to the place where the trial was to be held: The Coliseum of Judgment.  This was the stage where the Grand Judge always performed. When they arriv
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